Welcome to Takao vacation house SORA 

This house is located the west edge of Tokyo, and a quiet residential area. You can feel and learn Japanese daily life, staying with a host who is a national licensed tour guide having deep knowledge of Japanese culture.

Such as Japanese cooking, Japanese calligraphy and making Japanese tea. At night let’s talk about our culture differences. Just having fun!

Making Green tea lesson fee : 1,000 yen.

Japanese calligraphy lesson fee : 1,500 yen  

This house is not reserved for one building, but the whole second floor is yours. There are two beds and 4 sets of futon-bed.  This is good for the family or small group. The futons are 210cm (82.6in.) long, so tall people can be relaxed.

I welcome the family with the small children as well.
Kitchen and bath room on the ground floor is shared part with host. 
You can use new-set electric stove kitchen freely.

From the window, you can see the low mountains of Japan in each season. You can spend a relaxing time. And when you want to be active, please join me as I offer a lot of activities. such as cooking, calligraphy, and making Japanese tea, or coffee as well! 
There is a traditional Japanese tatami room, so why not sit down on the tatami mat and enjoy Japanese tea together?

If you cook together, you don't have to prepare the ingredients yourself. Let's start with going shopping together. I'll explain a lot of Japanese food culture there, just like a grocery store tour! And you can have it as breakfast and dinner. This will be a very valuable experience! 

Cooking together cost : Dinner 4500 yen ~  / per person

   (including ingredients and shopping tour) 

                                               Breakfast 1,000 yen ~

Or there are some restaurants nearby,  you can eat out as well.

Supermarket, convenience store and pharmacy are also within walking distance.
When you use a car, you can reach a famous high-class Japanese restaurant,Ukai-Tei in about 15 minutes. 

There are many facilities nearby where you can play with your family.
In the summer you can play in the natural river. It's very clean water. You also enjoy fishing. 
You can enjoy the autumn leaves from the window.

It is close to Mt. Takao, Mt. Jinba and is a convenient place for those who like mountain climbing.
The sacred tomb of the emperor is also nearby.
You can also walk up to the recommended Hachioji Castle Ruins from my house.

There are many recommended places that are not listed in the Tokyo guide book, so please come at first!

Also visit to see another page, " Gallery"
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Surrounding tourist spots 

Mt. Takao

Speaking of Takao, Mt. Takao. It's a Michelin three-star. It is said that 3 million people visit every year. About 15 minutes by car from my house to the parking lot. The parking lot is crowded during the season, so why not start from my house? Or you can go by bus and train.

Takao Komagino Garden

You can’t miss this place! 
You can see the splendid Japanese garden. You can enter a nice old Japanese house. Mountain scenery,Strolling garden, Bonsai, pond and carp, traditional Japanese house, dry garden. It has everything. There is also a cafe where you can drink good coffee.
You can go there by bus.

Yuyake Koyake Fureai no Sato Park

A little-known but must- go spot in Hachioji City! A place where both children and adults can truly enjoy themselves going back to their childhood feeling. Please enjoy putting yourself in the rich nature. Chirdren can ride a pony and interact with animals.
In the summer, you can enjoy the natural river and play. I think the temperature here is at least 5 degrees lower than in central Tokyo!
You can go there by bus as well.

Ome-Tamagawa river

It is Ome-city in 40 minutes by car. You can enjoy dynamic river play and rafting on the Tama River. There is also a popular sake brewery where you can experience tasting sake.

Mt. Jinba

My favorite mountain. You can enjoy a quiet mountain climbing, which is the opposite of the bustle of Mt. Takao. The delicious coffee at the mountaintop shop! I highly recommend it. If it's the clear sky, you can meet Mt.Fuji there. You can go by bus. The bus station is just around our corner.


By train;  Takao Station ( JR Line and Keio Line) Heading to North Exit. Take a Taxi in about 10 minutes. 
If you are used to take a bus, you can use it as well.
By car ; Via Chuo Expressway Hachioji JCT, Getting off the Hachioji Nishi IC on the Ken-O Expressway, About 4 minutes to our house.


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2161-4 Shimoongata-machi, Hachioji- city, Tokyo

*Goggle map shows correctly the address as Takao vacation house SORA instead of searching the real address.

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Events through out the year

Hachioji Teshigoto art market


At Hachioji Fujimori Park
I really recommend it here! It is held on the second Saturday of every month. (except Aug.) When I first went there, I bought two bowls of cactus, one bowl of Hana-kirin (flower giraffe), two minimum tops, and breads and chiffon cake. I'm totally satisfied with them. From now on, I will take good care of the cactus and the Hana-Kirin flower. Please come to see them! Then a young tatami craftsman was demonstrated. I had conversation with each shop owner lively, it was really fun!  When I have free time, I can be accamanied with you!  There were a lot of handmade goods, food trucks and flea markets. Please come visit here when you stay my inn on the second Saturday.
About 20 minutes by car from my inn. You can also go by bus.