About us

Hello there, I'm Kumi, a Japanese host of this house. 

My career is a national licensed tour guide. I have guided customers from many countries, mainly around Tokyo. But gradually, I have started to feel sorry that I couldn't convey my knowledge and thoughts just during the tour. The answer to what I should do is to have my own inn! This house offers guests all my experiences and what I have cultivated so far. It would be great if I could make my customers happy and I enjoy hosting you! I open this inn with my passion. I want you to come here, meet me, and learn a lot. Please absorb Japanese culture and take it home. 

You can experience various things in this house. 

First, I recommend cooking classes. It's not too formal cooking class, let's have fun and cook Japanese food together.  it starts with shopping with me.  I might be able to ready if you let me know in advance if you have a special request, like Gyoza, Okonomiyaki, so on.

You can also experience Japanese calligraphy and Japanese tea. This house has a traditional Japanese Tatami-mats room. You can feel and touch what Tatami mats are like. 

And I give a neighborhood tour, too. I’m proud to give you this tour around my house. Please join me. 

This house location is on the western edge of Tokyo. Unlike the big city center, it is full of mountains and nature.  Still, this is an ordinary quiet residential area. If you want to see and experience  Japanese life, this house is wonderful.  The owner will guide you. 


The name of the inn, SORA, means sky in Japanese. Imagining the blue-sky daytime, and the stars in the night sky. It's not like a starry night sky of highlands, but it's a lot and clear compared to the central Tokyo. 


In this area, there is famous Mt.Takao in Tokyo. Also my favorite Mt.Jimba. Other than that, if you love to hike, various hike routes are here! 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me by clicking below "contact" or "Contact" tab.